The excellent homepage of Coldrerio

by Michael Rauck, China

Hello and greetings from the very Old World!

I want to draw your attention to two online resources:

1) Information about an often neglected early migration pattern can be found on the excellent homepage of the town of Coldrerio. It contains the abridged research results by Giuseppe and Gabriella Solcà about artisans migration from Coldrerio, covering several members of the following families:

Andriolini, Bernasconi, Beccaria, Bertola, Bianchi, Castellano, Della Croce, Dotti, Gurono, Livio, Mola, Nicorini, Ossuzio, Paruzzi, Pianello, Pinetto, Ponti, Pozzi, Prandoni, Primo, Scarbellini, Torelli, Vercana, Vergo.

The peculiarity of this type of emigration is that some part of it was temporary, some was permanent. That depended also on the fact if an artisan was already married and left his family behind or if he was still single and got married near his place of work. Some migrants were wealthy and even appointed trustees to take care of their wealth at home, when they left.

2) The genealogical mailing list about Ticino:

Kind regards from Guangzhou!

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