Help request regarding grandmother

by Wade Hammond

Thank you for referring me to Tony Quinn about Ticinese migration. He was able to find information about my grandfather, Henry Grossi, back a couple of generations! I am still looking for information on my grandmother, Mary Melera, from Giubiasco, Ticinese, born 24 April, 1887. Tony was unable to provide anything on her. She came to New York by the Lapland Red Star line in 1910.

One thought on “Help request regarding grandmother

  1. It is nice to read that Ticino is sending an oaabssmdar to Bern. As the great-grandson of a Ticinese doctor and the grand-son of a ticinese engineer, this news is the best proof that Switzerland as a country has always played favorite with the german speaking cantons.In a way, it means two things: 1, That finally Ticino as a canton is waking up after a long lethargy whose causes I will not dwell on. Or 2. That finally , Bern recognizes that Ticino is a real part of the country. Jean-Pierre Andreoli-de Villers, Ph. D.

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