Sonogno/Soledad bar

by Amy Lacy, United States

To the person in Sonogno (Old World Gallery) What was the name of your ancestor with a bar in Soledad, CA?  I stopped by your bar in Sonogno summer 2008 and saw the note but the person there did not know the name of your ancestor.

I have relatives in Soledad too.

5 thoughts on “Sonogno/Soledad bar

  1. The enoteca (wine-bar) in Sonogno is owned by Renato Pelucca. The picture of Soledad refers to the bar runned there by his grandfather Giuseppe Pelucca (1878-1959) and his granduncle Giacomo Modesto Pelucca (1865-1918). Giuseppe Pelucca returned to Switzerland before 1910, Giacomo Modesto died in 1918 in Soledad. You can see the names of other family members on Please contact me if you need more information.

  2. There were a few bars in Soledad but many more in neighboring towns. That’s the town my late Father, Desio Theodore Rodoni, lived when he and his Mother came from the old country.

    As a matter-of-fact, my Father owned several bars/restaurants himself, however, they were located primarily in Gonzales, CA., Chualar, CA., and Salinas, CA. All of these towns are located in Monterey County.

    One of the bar/restaurants my Father and his brother and another gentleman established is still in the same location in Gonzales and in 2003 they celebrated 50 years!

    Someday, Lord permitting, I would love to visit my Fathers’ place of birth.

    An additional comment pertaining to ‘bars’; my Father had three half-brothers, all born before him. The youngest of the three had an up-scale restaurant in San Francisco years ago in the high-rent district. The name was THE THREE SWISS and it catered to the upper-crust: movie stars; politicians and who knows who else! He was a very successful entrepreneur.

  3. Thanks Carol for sharing your Swiss ‘bar’ stories from Salinas Valley, CA. My cousin, Bob Mocettini (1900-1988) had a bar/restaurant called Bob’s Cafe in Greenfield, CA. . It was opened in the mid 1940’s after Bob returned from the war–having been a cook in the US Army. Bob immigrated to CA in 1920 from Gordola/Brione-Verzasca. My father, Luigi Bisi would always visit with Bob and share stories of the “Old Country” and be able to speak their “dialect”. My cousin Arnoldo Togni (80 years old) verified this information for me this morning. Arnoldo is also a Ticino immigrant who left Ticino in 1948 from Gordola/Gordemo. He lives in Northern California and calls me each year when he knows we are returning to his beloved Ticino. He usually introduces me to new ‘family’ to visit…I have some new names to meet in the village this year…Carol, You must go to Ticino, you would never regret it!!! Amy

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