Information on Amabile Mordasini

by Adelina Beatriz Mordasini

Amabile Mordasini is my great grandfather, from Comologno, Ticino; he migrated to Argentina in 1882 and died in 1905 so not even my father who was born in 1926 had a chance to know him.

I have found lots of info in internet about different Mordasini, but so long not being able to find something accurate about Amabile father and mother or the name of possible brothers and sisters.

My father and grandfather are both dead, so I would like to ask you if it is possible to send me via mail anything that can help me with my family history. I’m sending 2 images, two are of the authorization to travel and the other is a birth certificate. My grandfather had this documents.

Thank you for your interest. Beatriz

2 thoughts on “Information on Amabile Mordasini

  1. hello cousin !
    Giovanne Antonio Domenico detto Scappa bpt le 4.11.1808 maried to
    Francesca Candolphi 7 children from 1830 to 1840 second spouse
    Marcella Marchesi nato 1821 filia benerendi ospitalis della Rosa de Milano, married
    14.7.1841, 10 childrens 5 boys 5 girls.
    Joanne Dominicus detto scappino bpt 18.5.1783 at Corbella
    Marconi Maria Antonia Madalena
    Gulielmi Antonio detto Scappa bpt 8.9.1748
    Bezzola Maria Anna
    etc… to Giovanne Domenico detto Mordasino 1634
    and Garbani Antonia dicti Matini

    If you like more details juste contact me on me Email
    Rodolphe Mordasini.

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