My three Ticino ancestors

by Maureen Sartori Peterson, Australia

I have three Ticino ancestors. Maurizio Sartori (from Mosogno); Guiliamo Pedrazzini (from Cimalmotto); Agostino Lurati (from Lugano). Sartori’s son married Lurati’s daughter. Pedrazzini married an English woman. After my father died, my mother remarried another Ticinese descendant, Adami.

All three migrated around 1856 to earn money working on the goldfields in Hepburn District, Victoria, Australia. All were working initially as gold miners, then Sartori was storekeeper, butcher and publican. Lurati was a farmer and lessee of a hotel : Pedrazzini was mining supervisor and grew currants for the Melbourne market. My siblings have some knowledge of their Ticino history. My mother, who died in 2004, aged 93, travelled to Ticino for a Pedrazzini family reunion in the 1980’s.

Every year my town (Hepburn Springs) holds a Swiss Italian Fiesta, and I am responsible with another Ticinese descendant for the Heritage Centre. We invite descendants to display their individual family histories.

I visited Ticino over 44 years ago, on the big trip to Europe, without much previous knowledge of what to look for. I was initially told that Sartori came from Bosco Gurin, travelled there and found they spoke German. I did not make contact with any relatives. Was impressed with the cleanliness and beauty of the region, indeed with all of Switzerland.

4 thoughts on “My three Ticino ancestors

  1. Hi

    My wife’s family are Pedrazzinis and her great great grandfather Dominico Pedrazzini came to Australia in the 1850’s from the Maggia Valle. There is another Pedrazzini reunion in 2010 and can get details for you if you are interested.

    We had a reunion of Pedrazzinis’ in Brisbane last year and surprisingly many came out of the woodwork.

    Did your relative Guiliamo come out with any brothers.


    • Hi Leo, have just stumbled on your post. To the best of my knowledge, Guiliamo didn’t come to Australia with any brothers. Unfortunately, my mother died in 2004, so I can’t ask her. Mum went to switzerland many years ago to attend a Pedrazzini reunion, and I was not interested in all the complicated family history at that time. Now i regret it.
      Can you please keep me informed re another family reunion.
      Maureen Sartori Peterson

  2. Hi , my husband Roger is Maurizio Sartori’s Great grandson. His grandmother was Jessie Smythe (nee Sartori ). Rogers mother, Mary is still alive at 95 and is Maurizio’s grand daughter.Roger and I went to switzerland and visited Mosogno in 2007.We loved the area. we stayed in Russo and were able to have a beautiful view of Mosogno.

    • hi Judy, i have just stumbled on your post about Roger, 4 years late!
      I had no knowledge of Jessie, Mauritzio married twice, Was her mother Mary McKurdy?
      I’m from his second wife, Charlotte.
      Maureen Sartori peterson

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