Talk about a complicated family history!

by Jill Sybalsky, genealogist from United States

Marci, Malugani and Cerini and at least 20 other surnames are found in my family tree from Switzerland. My grandparents were born in Switzerland. My grandmother in Giumaglio and my grandfather in Frasco.

I also have ancestors from Gordola, Sonogno and Biasca as well as Primaluna, LC, ITA (just to mention a few).

Around the 1880’s my great great Cerini grandfather came to California, USA but didn’t stay here permanently. Folklore states he made a few trips back and forth between the US and CHE.

6 of his children also came to the US, the majority settling in Northern California. The folklore I would love to prove is that he fought with Teddy Roosevelt in the Indian Wars.

My great Cerini grandmother married a Malugani from Primaluna, they were married in Giumaglio. He came to the US first in the 1880’s and she and 2 children (one being my grandmother) followed a few years later.

My Marci grandfather came to the US at the turn of the century with his brother and at least 2 sisters coming after. Folklore I would love to prove is that he served in the Swiss Army before coming to the US.

The interesting twists in my Swiss family history is there are many intermarriages. I recently have learned my grandparents were first cousins. So not only is my father, my father but he is also my 5th cousin twice removed, 6th cousin, 6th cousin once removed, 7th cousin once removed, 7th cousin twice removed, 8th cousin, 8th cousin once removed, 8th cousin twice removed, 9th cousin, 9th cousin once removed. Talk about a complicated family history!

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