Chi ha informazioni su Candido Darani, sindaco di Chironico?

di Angie Ballard, Gran Bretagna

Adoro questo sito internet! Sto cercando informazioni sui miei nonni (Flora Crippa e Candido Darani). Candido è nato a Chironico e Flora a Chiggiogna. Da sposati hanno vissuto a Chironico. Hanno avuto figli a Londra e ne hanno avuti ancora una volta ritornati in Ticino. Vorrei saperne di più su Candido Darani, che è stato sindaco e responsabile dell’ufficio postale di Chironico. Qualcuno mi sa dire a chi mi devo rivolgere in Ticino per avere informazioni sulla mia famiglia? Grazie mille!*

* traduzione dall’inglese.

3 thoughts on “Chi ha informazioni su Candido Darani, sindaco di Chironico?

  1. Dear Mrs. Ballard,

    You asked to “find out more about Candido Darani”, former mayor and postmaster of Chironico. In a previous request (che-ticino-list), you mentioned 1887-1955, some older people may remember him there.

    A quick look at our online phone directory ( shows that Chironico is a small commune with 212 phone connections, 30 of which (1 of 7) with the surname Darani. The mayor is Edy Campagna and the vice mayor is Fabrizio Darani. The previous mayor (2004) was Nicola Darani. If you speak Italian, I would try to phone or write to one of these people.

    If you have problems let me know and we’ll see to help you further.

  2. Many thanks for offering help Ronald. I have been there twice since 1992 and met a few people but only in the last few years found out more about Candido from someone who visited the Mormons in Utah.

    Unfortunately I only speak English which has limited me thus far. Any assistance would be very much appreciated.




  3. I have spoken to people from Chironico and hope to get some information about Candido Darani for you in the next few days. I will contact you directly by email as soon as I know more.


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