The “poor Lafranchi’s!”

by Debra Talbot, Australia

Giulio and Ann Lafranchi lived at Deep Creek. This photo is of a hut that the Lafranchi boys built around 1930’s.

It’s built next to the original site of their home. The house was burnt down early 1900’s. The Lafranchi boys used the hut on weekends and holidays to go hunting. The hut is still there. I took this photo in November 2007.

Another photo, the Lafranchi brothers at their truck outside of the Swiss Mountain Hotel in Blampied, Victoria.


Blampied is not far from Eganstown. The Hotel is still there, I had a meal there in 2007 and it was delicious. Andrea Lafranchi’s family ran the hotel.

I’m still trying to find the conection between Andrea and Giulio. Andrea snubbed Giulio. Their children grew up being told they were cousins, but Giulio’s family were the poor Lafranchi’s which Andrea didn’t associate with!!

4 thoughts on “The “poor Lafranchi’s!”

  1. I have just be given information from my cousin Robin in America that Andrea’ and Giulio ARE related. Andrea’s mother is descended from Martino Lafranchi, so is Giulio.

  2. I was interested in your posting as I am researching family in the Blampied area and have visited this Hotel. recently. I was interested in its history and wondered whether anyone has written up a history of it I could read.


  3. hi just wondering if you had any more detail on the hut or homestead.wanting to take some pictures.what road it on maybe or near even ! thanks


  4. The Homestead was burnt down around 1900’s. Giulio’s son and Grandson’s built the hut for hunting. It is built almost next to the site of where the homestead was. There are remains of the kitchen of the homestead still there, which is on the left side if you are standing at the doorway of the hut. The Newsagent in Daylesford has the Daylesford-Castlemaine-Ballarat Forest Activities Map. I bought it for $11.95 a couple of years ago. It has the Hut marked on the map. From Midland Highway, up Basalt Road and left onto Walker Track. Its right at the end. let me know how you go. Are you a relative?

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