Vogorno roots

by Ebe Volz-Gamboni, Switzerland. My mather was Mozzetti and my father was Gamboni. They lived in Vogorno, a village in Verzasca Valley in the middle of Canton Ticino/Switzerland.

One thought on “Vogorno roots

  1. Ciao Ebe,

    My father was Giuseppi Tognalda first cousin to your father. Your nonna Gamboni was his mother’s sister. I met you many years ago when I came to Vogorno with my parents for a visit. My mother was Emilia Tognalda, sister to Ines Mozzettini. Would like to keep in touch with you and family. I speak with my cousin Rosilde Mozzettini-Mignola and also cousins Elsa & Ines Gamboni.

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