Any cousins out there?

by Amy Lacy, United States

I am located in Northern CA and have ancestors from Brione, Gane, and Gordola/Gordemo. Perhaps if any of you are from those areas we can share stories…you could be a long lost cousin??? I have already made contact with a ‘cousin’ on this list of names and we are meeting soon. I just wonder if there are any others out there…maiden name was Bisi and Mocettini–Gpa and Gma names…Any cousins out there or others who are from the area? We return every summer and Absolutely Love Ticino/Gordemo/Brione/Corippo!!! Have a great day!!!

Luigi Bisi, born in Brione Verzasca, Ticino, August 11, 1930

Luigi Bisi sisters – Annetta on the left, and Angela on the right, circa 1920 in Gordola, Ticino

Last photo of Luigi Bisi in Ticino, at Minghetti Wedding, circi 1929. Luigi is on far left.


22 thoughts on “Any cousins out there?

    • Hi Nancy , I am a Bisi amd my father soon to be 90 has told me that his aunt , his fathers sister married a Scolari, he worked in the Sierra club as a guide around the 1920s My grandfather had many brothers, Loe, Ben, Filip, … my grandfathers name was Clemente Rocco Bisi. you can call me if this rings a bell. email

      • Hi,
        My name is Mary. My grandfather was Felix Bisi from Brione, Switzerland.
        My grandfather lived in Lompoc, ca.
        I think our grandfathers were brothers.

    • Marilyn, I have pictures of our great grand parents. They both stayed in Switzerland. I have copies of the church cards that are handed out at their funeral. We are related because Clementine is my grandfather s sister. His name is Clement Roco can email me thank you. I would like to see the pictures, he is going on 94, his still remembers many stories.

  1. Hi Amy ( : I’m a Bisi from Brione Verzasca (Switzerland) .
    Do you have facebook ? If you want you can take my email and write me

    • Hi,
      My name is Mary. My grand father was Felix Bisi from Brione.
      He had many siblings. I was there 20 years ago and met Rita.
      Are we from the same family?

    • Hi Daiana, My name is Carrie and my grandmother Silvia was the daughter of Felix Bisi. We are going to be in Switzerland this summer and would love to visit Brione and meet up with family!

  2. Nancy and I have connected finally via email and we are in fact cousins and we both look forwarding to meeting one another. We both live in Northern CA…Thanks SwissInfo for connecting us!!! Amy I’m finally back blogging after spending 3.5 months in Ticino and 1.5 months back in CA recuperating and getting things back to normal around the house…CIAO, Amy

    • Hi Amy, I would like to know how do I get a hold of you. I believe if my father, Thomas n. Bisi of just about 91 can speak with you, you will make a very pleasant and interesting connection. He remembers just about everything about his uncles and aunts and the information and stories that his father handed down to him about the time he lived in Switzerland. My e mail is I hope to hear from you soon. I am sure we are related.

  3. My grandmother, Clementina Bisi was born in Gordola, Switzerland. Her father was Benardo Bisi and mother Maria Mocettini (or Mocetti). They immigrated to Soledad, California. Ben had a brother Leo Bisi, who also lived there. Any relationship?

    • Benardo Bisi is my granfathers brother. He had 3 daughters and 1 boy. Clementine, Nivis, Geniva, Jean.Clementine had twins. According to my father who is 90 yrs old, says had a dairy and Leo would help him. Benardo’s duaghter Nivis, was a very smart girl, she worked in a mercantial store and at bank of america. If This rings a bell then chances are that we are related.

    • Marilyn, did your Grandmother, Clementine Bisi marry a man by the name Pete Corda? My father thinks he had a ranch out in Soledad or Greenfield. Clementine would be my father’s cousin.

      • Sorry for the late reply. Yes, Pete Corda was my grandfather. Pete and Clem had 4 daughters, my mom, Velma the eldest. The twins were the youngest. Nievis passed away a few months ago. I have a few photos of Clemente and his family at the ranch in Soledad.

      • Marilyn, I have pictures of our great grand parents. They both stayed in Switzerland. I have copies of the church cards that are handed out at their funeral. We are related because Clementine is my grandfather s sister. His name is Clement Roco can email me thank you. I would like to see the pictures, he is going on 94, his still remembers many stories.

  4. Hello Marilyn, The Bisi names you mention are not familiar to me but if from Gordola there is probably a relationship. I will check out the family tree I have of the Bisi/Mocettini’s and see what I can find. Do you know the year of the migration? That would help me to determine if perhaps my father may have known them. I do know there were other Bisi’s in Soledad and still are actually…although they are in their 90’s now. Can we connect on email? CIAO, Amy
    I am leaving today to visit my kids/gkids for a few days so I will not be able to do this right away…Hoping to hear from you….Amy

  5. Hi Amy,
    I am from Soledad too. My Dad’s (Henry Arthur) father was Giovanni Mocettini, who married Oliva Rosa Scolari. Nancy Scolari (message above) and I are cousins. There are Bisi’s in Soledad…and we are related to them; I think my paternal great grandmother’s name is Bisi. My family is from Gordola and Brione Verzasca. Again, I have to look up the relationship.
    I realize this is close to a year after your last entry.I look forward to hearing from you.

  6. Hi Joan,
    If you are related to Olga Bisi-Salmina in Soledad then we are related somehow…Olga’s father and my grandfather were brothers…both raised their families in Brione-Verzasca where my father was born. I recently sent Marilyn the family tree I have. If you are interested we can email and I will send you a copy as well. It has surely been a blessing to communicate with other ‘cousins’ in CA and perhaps we can meet sometime…we could all plan a Bisi-SwissInfo Party or something…When I was growing up we used to go to the Swiss Picnics in Greenfield…but we spend our summers in Ticino now so we miss those times and instead ‘picnic’ in Valle Verzasca!!!! .CIAO, Amy

  7. Hi Amy,
    I just noticed this email…sorry. I used to go to the picnics too, then they were moved to Gonzales at the Swiss Rifle Grounds. Are you on Facebook? I would love to receive that information and be able to communicate with you. Please email me. Thanks Amy…I look forward to hearing from you. Joan

  8. Hi Amy,
    I was just checking your blog and was wondering if you have done any further research on the Bisi family. I was reading some of your older posts, and you spoke of my Zio Bob Mocettini and my cousin Arnold Togni. Zio Bob was very close to my family and we miss him very much. He would always make the risotto for our gatherings. I hope all is well with you and your family. Joan
    Please message me through Facebook. Thanks!

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