The relative of artist Giovanni Antonio Vanoni

by Margaret Pekin, Australia

Gottardo Giovanetti (migrated to Victoria in 1857) was my Gt Gt Uncle being the younger brother of my Gt Grandfather Costantino. Their mother’s first cousin was the artist Giovanni Antonio Vanoni. On ariving in Victoria they mined for gold, followed by running the Blue Lion Inn at Newstead and finally farming in the Strangways area. Gottardo married 3 times and had 8 children. His oldest son Constantine William travelled to South Africa becoming the Mayor of Pretoria. I have details of the Giovanetti family tree which I have been researching for many years and I am happy to share it with family members.

3 thoughts on “The relative of artist Giovanni Antonio Vanoni

  1. Wow its really cool my grandmothers (Valerie Charlotte Williams- Hutton) mother (Constance Giovanetti-Williams) was the daughter of Walter James Giovanetti one of the brothers of Constanino Giovanetti the mayor of Pretoria, and i’ve always been curious about the family tree because my grandmother always told me of it, however we never knew anymore than the fact came from Lake Como travelled to Australia (Do not know the area) and finally settled in Pretoria.
    I am Celeste Nicole Cook daughter of Rosalind Dorothy Hutton-Cook daughter of Valerie Charlotte Williams-Hutton etc.

  2. Hi Celeste,

    I guess I should have checked this website more closely, I have just read your entry. I would like to make contact not sure how this can be achieved. If the website allows I would be happy for my email to be passed on.

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