I parenti dell’artista Giovanni Antonio Vanoni

di Margaret Pekin, Australia

Gottardo Giovanetti (emigrato nello Stato di Victoria nel 1857) era il fratello più giovane di mio bisnonno Costantino. Il primo cugino della loro mamma era l’artista Giovanni Antonio Vanoni. Nel Victoria hanno dapprima cercato l’oro, poi gestito il Blue Lion Inn a Newstead e in seguito hanno fatto i contadini nella zona di Strangways.

Gottardo si è sposato tre volte e ha avuto otto figli. Il primo figlio, Constantine William, è emigrato in Sudafrica dove è diventato sindaco di Pretoria. Dispongo di tutte le informazioni dell’albero genealogico della famiglia Giovanetti, per il quale ho fatto lunghe ricerche. Sono ben lieta di condividerle con i miei parenti.*

*traduzione dall’inglese

3 thoughts on “I parenti dell’artista Giovanni Antonio Vanoni

  1. Wow its really cool my grandmothers (Valerie Charlotte Williams- Hutton) mother (Constance Giovanetti-Williams) was the daughter of Walter James Giovanetti one of the brothers of Constanino Giovanetti the mayor of Pretoria, and i’ve always been curious about the family tree because my grandmother always told me of it, however we never knew anymore than the fact came from Lake Como travelled to Australia (Do not know the area) and finally settled in Pretoria.
    I am Celeste Nicole Cook daughter of Rosalind Dorothy Hutton-Cook daughter of Valerie Charlotte Williams-Hutton etc.

  2. Hi, I’m working on the genealogical tree of most of the Patrician families from Aurigeno with the ambition to make a book. I was born and brought up in Paris, sudied in London and worked in New York at the UN. I’m interested to put together as much as I can in order to show a maximum of connections. I have quite a few illustrations but more are welcome. I would be delighted to share more information with you since I live in Ticino, partly in Aurigeno and partly in Lugano. There are a lot of mistakes in whatever you can find – even in official registers – and my knowledge of the language, the family plus my residence nearby allow me to countercheck inconsistencies and obvious errors locally. The painter G.A. Vanoni and his wife carolina Vanoni, daughter of Judge Vanoni, were my mother’s great grand parents. My grand mother Albina was born Giovanetti-Jori. Rings a bell? Please get in touch. Denyse Bertoni
    PS: most people abroad have lost track of their Tessin ancestors because all seem to remember that they came from Lake Como (Italy) while Lake Como when you are abroad looks nearby but it is abroad and therefore, in Italy researching someone from Switzerland does not reach the right place. Vanoni and Giovanetti all come from a remote village in a valley, away from any lake. However, Lake Maggiore (Locarno) is at 11 km from Aurigeno.

  3. Hi Denyse,
    I have visited Ticino in 2005 and met Giovanetti relatives who own/manage the Trattoria Giovanetti in Aurigeno. I would like to make contact, does the website allow access to others emails on request? I will try.

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