Carlo Gatti’s iceman

by Peter and Dot Maroni

My grandfather John Charles Maroni worked as an iceman/carman for Carlo Gatti in North London.

His father was Giacomo Maroni (Marioni) who may have been working in the fish trade. Giacomo was born in Switzerland in 1849 and his father Giuseppi was a farmer. I would like to know where he was born and where the family lived in Switzerland because many of current family would like to visit.

Giacomo married Giacomina Donati in England in Feb.1883. She was born in Switzerland in 1854 and her father Giacomi as also a famer.

In neither case are the names of the mothers known or any siblings (other than those of John Carlo)are known.

Both great grandparents are listed in the1881 census as Swiss subjects.

Any assistance with the birthplace would be gratefully received by us all.

Peter and Dot Maroni

2 thoughts on “Carlo Gatti’s iceman

  1. Dear Peter and Dot,

    Carlo Gatti is a relation of mine. Unfortunately I cannot shed much light on where the family lived exactly, but as far as I know they hailed from Belinzona in Ticino. There are a couple of books about the family and Carlo in particular, that might be able to lead you in the right direction

    1) Lo Zampino Dei Gatti : Un Capitolo Di Storia Dell’ Emigrazione Bleniese in Inghilterra
    by Fernando Ferrari, Peter Barber and Felicity Kinross

    2) Coffee and Ices: the story of Carlo Gatti in London
    by Felicity Kinross

    Kind regards,

    Hannah Gatti

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