“From Gattis”

Michele Andina, swissinfoBy swissinfo video journalist, Michele Andina

On my first day in London, Peter Barber, historian and head of the British Library’s maps collection, gave me a brief introduction to the history of Swiss-Italian emigrations to Britain.

He showed me some places where the most famous immigrants, Carlo Gatti and his nephews Agostino and Stefano Gatti, made their fortunes. The Gatti name adorned many a café-restaurant run by Swiss-Italian migrants in London.

Michele Andina is zooming in on the story with his video camera all this week, to try to find out about their legacy.

Video - "From Gattis"

Video – “From Gattis”

2 thoughts on ““From Gattis”

  1. My grandfather, John Charles Maroni worked as an iceman/carman for Carlo Gatti in North London.

    His father was Giacomo Maroni (Marioni) who may have been working in the fish trade. Giacomo was born in Switzerland in 1849 and his father Giuseppi was a farmer. I would like to know where he was born and where the family lived in Switzerland because many of current family would like to visit.

    Giacomo married Giacomina Donati in England in Feb.1883. She was born in Switzerland in 1854 and her father Giacomi as also a famer.

    In niether case are the names of the mothers known or any siblings (other than those of John Carlo) are known.

    Both great grandparents are listed in the1881 census as Swiss subjects.

    Any assistance with the birthplace would be gratefully received by us all.

    Peter and Dot Maroni

  2. The Marionis came from Dongio in the Blenio Valley in Ticino – as did Carlo Gatti who was married to a Marioni. A Giuseppe Marioni had a string of cafes in London from 1855 and a Giacomo Marioni did too. You will find them listed in my book Continental Taste which is available from teh Unione Ticinese (see their website) – given your interest in your family you might consider joining the Society which dates back to 1874. Its archives are housed with London Metropolitan Archives.

    Best wishes

    Peter Barber

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