Search for great grandfather Monzettee

by Pam Yates, Australia

I need to find my Swiss Italian Great Grandfather Enrico Vincenzeo Monzettee (several spellings) stated born 1837 Switzerland. Mother Mary Gamboni father Vincenzo a Wheelwright. States name of village as Locharno. Name could be spelt different. I desperatly would like to know how to go about finding about him as he has family here who do not know where their origins come from.

One thought on “Search for great grandfather Monzettee

  1. Dear Mrs. Yates,

    the original spelling of your great-grandfather was probably Enrico Vincenzo Mozzetti. Both the Mozzetti and the Gamboni family are originally from the small village of the Verzasca Valley called Vogorno. Locarno is the nearest town and since it’s quite close to Vogono (about 13 km by car), this is probably the reason why you had this name mentioned.
    In order to find more information about the Mozzetti and Gamboni family, I suggest you to get in touch with some Mozzetti and Gamboni living in Switzerland and specifically in Canton Ticino by using the white pages ( Other sources would be the parish records (starting abt. 1640-50) and the civil records (starting abt. 1770-80), but since you live in Australia the situation gets a bit complicated.

    Good luck in tracing back your family roots!

    Lorenzo Franscioni

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