From Giumaglio to Victoria to haul tin ore

imgp0112by Hugh Jones, Australia

Celestino Pietro Lesina arrived in Victoria on board “Adele” in 1855. He was born in 1843 in Giumaglio,Valle Maggi Canton Ticino, Switzerland. In Graystown Victoria in 1870 he wed an Irish girl Mary O’Donell. Their second son Bernard Lesina wed Agnes Kelly in Herberton in 1896. They had 13 children. Thomas Albert married Emily Mary Poletti whose father was another Italian immigrant from Lombardy, Italy. In Australia Celestino was known as Charles and he went on to own one of the biggest mule teams hauling tin ore out of the hilly country around Watsonville to Herberton to the crushers. He had 140 mules and most hauled the saddlebags from different mines to the crushers with only human contact at each end. I am married to Charles Lesina’s Great Granddaughter Bernice.imgp01121

One thought on “From Giumaglio to Victoria to haul tin ore

  1. Quite late I’m sorry as I have only just started looking into my fathers family as his father died when he was young.. but Celestino is my great great great grandfather I believe. My grandfather was Kenneth Dudley Andrew who married Agnes Ellen Lesina, daughter of Bernard and Agnes Lesina. Very interesting, thank you for this as long ago as it was

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