A mountain goat or deceased wife?

by Linda Lancaster, United States

My grandmother told a lot of stories, some were her experiences and some were, I believe, folklore. She described crawling into some rock high in the mountain and getting stuck, and walking to school through high snow following her big brothers who cleared a path.

She told another story about a man high in the mountains who encountered a mountain goat that he took to be his deceased wife. I can’t remember the story, but it was very funny as she described him trying to talk to it as thought it were his wife while the goat attacked him. I got the impression that the people loved to laugh.

My grandmother loved music and dancing, but I realize that I have no idea of the type of music that was traditional. I wonder if the people are mostly Catholic or if there are now other religions.

My grandmother brought a pressed sprig of Eidlewiese when she left home and she loved roses, so, I would be interested in learning about native plants as well as home gardens and agriculture. I’d love to see any pictures of the towns and landscape.

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